Send money to

friends with just a tap

Make sending money less complicated

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Secure and effortless
transactions with just a tap

Send money

Send money to any number by just tapping your phone. No need to ask for bank details or account numbers, just type in their phone number and tap to pay them instantly with CardToCard

Receive money

Receiving money has never been easier. Whether you're getting paid for a selling a product or just receiving a gift you can accept money quickly and securely.

Who is Mevo for?

Mevo is a mobile application that allows customers to easily make payments, using their own phone like a card machine to Tap to Pay with their bank card. Mevo is for anyone who wants simple, hassle-free payments. Whether it's splitting bills, sending money to family, or getting paid by customers, Mevo’s CardToCard feature makes it easy and quick. – with just a tap.


Making IOUs less awkward. Easily split bills and or pay back friends.


Send money back home instantly, anytime it is needed. 


Helping you get paid by customers easily and with minimal fees.

Simple, seamless & secure

Mevo prioritizes the security and encryption
of your data at every stage of development.
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Find your preferred
payment method 

Explore a variety of payment options designed to suit your preferences.


Hassle-free payments to friends who are now only a tap away with CardToCard. Utilize our peer-to-peer money transfer feature and make sending and receiving money easy and convenient.
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Take control of debit orders and subscriptions effortlessly with RecurringForMe. Manage your financial routines with ease, receive reminders and authorize payments with a tap.
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Online payments without borders from anywhere online with our E-commerce Plug-In MevoForWeb. NFC functionality, improved security seamlessly integrate to elevate your online store’s payment experience.
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How to get started?

Whether you're a merchant or a customer follow these simple steps to get
started on your path to seamless and secure transactions with Mevo.

For Merchants

Give your customers more payment options by accepting international NFC payments.
  • Sign up as a Merchant
  • Verification
  • Set up API integration
  • Accept payments with Mevo
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For Customers

Choose a more efficient alternative payment method to online card payments
  • Initiate a payment at checkout
  • Download the app once
  • Quick setup with mobile number
  • View request
  • Select ‘pay now’
  • Tap your card on the back of your phone and enter pin
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Why use Mevo?

Here's Why Mevo Is Your Choice for Seamless, Secure, and Borderless Transactions.


Mevo and its payments partners are PCI compliant.

No detail collection

Mevo doesn’t need to save your card details​ for added security.

Extra security

Mevo asks you to input your card PIN as another layer of security​.

NFC encryption

Mevo’s NFC uses tokenisation and encryption, decreasing risks of fraud.